15 de maio de 2010

Winter Days – Kihachiro Kawamoto

Description: The film is a tribute to wandering haiku master Matsuo Bashō (1644-1694). Fuyu no hi is the name of a denku made by Bashō and friends; a denku being a collaborative poem, in which the first poet writes a two line poem/stanza, the next one follows with another one, taking the previous one´s last line as his first line, and so on.
For the movie Kawamoto invited 34 other animators to present two lines of the poem in a different style of animation (length varies from 40 seconds to 2 minutes roughly), serving as supervisor/director and animating two sequenc es himself. There´s traditional, CGI, vector, paint-on-glass, cut-out, pin-screen and puppet animation.

Animators include well known names like Mark Baker ("Jolly Roger"), Jacques Drouin ("Le Paysagiste"), Co Hoedeman ("Le Château de Sable"), Kihachiro Kawamoto ("Shisha no sho aka Book of the Dead"), Yôichi Kotabe ("Pokémon"), Yoji Kuri ("Love"),Yuriy Norshteyn ("Yozhik v tumane aka Hedgehog in the Fog"), Aleksandr Petrov ("The Old Man and the Sea"), Břetislav Pojar ("L´Heure des Anges"), Raoul Servais ("Papillons de Nuit"), Isao Takahata ("Hotaru no haka aka Grave of the Fireflies") and Koji Yamamura ("A Country Doctor").

Language: Japanese (English softsubs)
Country: Japan

DVDrip, XVID, 700 MB, 640 x 464, 
Video 305 KBit/s, Audio 192 KBit/s

IMDb Link:

Director: Kihachiro Kawamoto 

The original Japanese theatrical release included an hour-long making-of-documentary, hence the IMDb running time of 105 minutes. All the versions I could find on the net did not include the documentary, also there´s no end credits. The animation is fully intact.

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