21 de maio de 2010

Student Academy Awards 2010 – e os vencedores são…

Segundo o blogue Animação Digital, na passada terça-feira, a Academia de Artes e Ciências Cinematográficas anunciou os vencedores do 37º "Student Academy Award" e 3 curtas metragens partilharam o prémio na categoria de animação.
Os vencedores foram os seguintes: (só os link de 2 das 3 curtas é que estão online.)

• vencedor: "Lifeline", Andres Salaff, "California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)".

• 2º lugar: "Departure of Love", Jennifer Bors, "Ringling College of Art and Design", Florida

• 3º lugar: "Dried Up", Isaiah Powers and Jeremy Casper, "Kansas City Art Institute", Missouri

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15 de maio de 2010

The Miracle Maker – Derek W. Hayes, Stanislav Sokolov

Runtime: 90 mins
Language: English (English .srt subs for better understanding)
Country: Russia / UK (Wales)
Video: 640x480 DVDRip
Audio: 160 kbps MP3

IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0208298/
Director: Derek W. Hayes, Stanislav Sokolov

Description: The Miracle Maker's actions through the eyes of Tamar, the daughter of Jairus. I think you all know the story well so I'm gonna write some words about this interpretation.
Simply wonderful. Although I'm not christianed, I love this story very much and watch all movie versions I can. This was the best I've seen so far. Wonderful puppets, brilliant scenes and very well-made costumes. The puppet animation sometimes changes to cartoon (when a story has been told, visions, dreams) - this was a very bright idea too. The scriptwriter collected the most beautiful and famous parables and the storyline is really fascinating and exciting. The actors are speaking very clearly and understandable so it's also good for those who can't always understand English through spoken words. Very-very highly recommended - even for those who are not so great fans of stop-motion animation like me.

I've found this movie on lot of sites but unfortunately only with Spanish dub. After a day of googling I've found this version in RatDVD format, but unfortunately coding into that format has made jumps and errors at some chapters' beginning. I've had to make a DVD ISO out of it, then rip it by chapters, then re-synchronize the audio, then join the pieces together, and now here's an enjoyable and audio-synched AVI of the movie. Still there are some over-cuts and maybe some jumps in it but I've tried to do my best.

Winter Days – Kihachiro Kawamoto

Description: The film is a tribute to wandering haiku master Matsuo Bashō (1644-1694). Fuyu no hi is the name of a denku made by Bashō and friends; a denku being a collaborative poem, in which the first poet writes a two line poem/stanza, the next one follows with another one, taking the previous one´s last line as his first line, and so on.
For the movie Kawamoto invited 34 other animators to present two lines of the poem in a different style of animation (length varies from 40 seconds to 2 minutes roughly), serving as supervisor/director and animating two sequenc es himself. There´s traditional, CGI, vector, paint-on-glass, cut-out, pin-screen and puppet animation.

Animators include well known names like Mark Baker ("Jolly Roger"), Jacques Drouin ("Le Paysagiste"), Co Hoedeman ("Le Château de Sable"), Kihachiro Kawamoto ("Shisha no sho aka Book of the Dead"), Yôichi Kotabe ("Pokémon"), Yoji Kuri ("Love"),Yuriy Norshteyn ("Yozhik v tumane aka Hedgehog in the Fog"), Aleksandr Petrov ("The Old Man and the Sea"), Břetislav Pojar ("L´Heure des Anges"), Raoul Servais ("Papillons de Nuit"), Isao Takahata ("Hotaru no haka aka Grave of the Fireflies") and Koji Yamamura ("A Country Doctor").

Language: Japanese (English softsubs)
Country: Japan

DVDrip, XVID, 700 MB, 640 x 464, 
Video 305 KBit/s, Audio 192 KBit/s

IMDb Link:

Director: Kihachiro Kawamoto 

The original Japanese theatrical release included an hour-long making-of-documentary, hence the IMDb running time of 105 minutes. All the versions I could find on the net did not include the documentary, also there´s no end credits. The animation is fully intact.

The Book Of The Dead - Kihachiro Kawamoto

Puppet animation by legendary master Kihachiro Kawamoto. 
Set in the Nara period (AD 710-784), just after the introduction of Buddhism from China, this is a moral tale with supernatural elements. It follows Iratsume, the devout and noble daughter of the second house of the Fujiwara clan, who has taken upon herself the rather futile task of transcribing 1000 copies of the Amida Sutra. After working day and night for over a year and suffering from severe fatigue, she hallucinates the figure of the Buddha radiantly shining over the peak of the holy Mt Futakami. Without any awareness of her actions, or the storm that rages outside, she sets out from the house as though possessed, and her journey takes her to a sacred temple. In this space between the earthly and spiritual realms begins a Shakespearian tale of mistaken identities, which fluctuates between longing and repression, death and life. The ghost of prince Otsu, assassinated many years ago by the emperor's widow in a court intrigue, believes Iratsume to be her great aunt Mimimo no Toji, whose eyes met his as he was about to be beheaded by Iware pond. Since that encounter prince Otsu has developed a yearning attachment to the secular world, and so his corpse wanders the land seeking his unrequited love, calling for her to bear him a child that may speak his name. Meanwhile Iratsume, whose devoutness has led her to abandon the world in her search for the divine, despite the frustration of her many suitors, mistakes Otsu's festering pale flesh for the pure manifestation of the Buddha. Every time Otsu makes his advance to her bedside, Iratsume dutifully chants the Amida Sutra in anticipation of her blissful attainment of satori, which, much to her frustration, only seems to scare away her would be lover.

Runtime: 79
Language: Japanese dialogues, English narration (English softsubs)
Country: Japan
IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0443232/
Director: Kihachiro Kawamoto
Download Links:

DVDrip, XVID, 699 MB, 640 x 480, Video 172 KBit/s, Audio 192 KBit/s
All the dialogues are in Japanese, the narrator´s voice has been dubbed in English.

14 de maio de 2010

Corte Electrico - Maria Arteaga (2008)

Bruno Soares, no seu blogue Animação Digital, divulgou esta curta metragem colombiana, realizada por Maria Arteaga, em 2008, de que gostei bastante, por isso decidi partilhá-la convosco. Aqui está:

13 de maio de 2010

Tales From the Far Side I & II - Gary Larson, Marv Newland (1999)

Duração: 75

Idioma: Inglês
País: EUA
Realização: Marv Newland, Gary Larson

A mente sempre tão torcida do criador do premiado e de renome mundial Tales From The Far Side  produziu estas animações, de 30 e 45 minutos cada, com todos os seus suspeitos do costume: vacas, lobos, cobras, monstros, head-hunters, homens do sertão, vaqueiros, estrangeiros ... e a sua típica multidão  de ovelhas.

Composto de histórias curtas, que duram de poucos segundos a vários minutos, Tales I & II compartilham de um mundo em que os animais têm características humanas, os seres humanos são criaturas imbecis e alienígenas. Monstros terríveis e bizarros aparecem no meio de ambos. Assim sendo, temos um filme com monstros, um filme de cor sépia documentando a guerra secular entre cães e gatos (preenchido com imagens da batalha-generais e cicatrizes de ambos os lados) e bêbados arruaceiros estrangeiro a tirar fotos ao planeta Terra.

A música original é da autoria do músico de jazz americano Bill Frisell.

9 de maio de 2010

Chronopolis - Piotr Kamler

The film is all animation and maybe claymation/stop motion effects galore. Way tripped out. It's kinda academic but not in a dull or boring way. I believe there is a plot to the film, but usually I'm so amazed by the visual images that I hardly pay attention enough to figure it out. Basically, it's got a sort of early 80's industrial feel with lots of imaginative effects and scenery, bouncing balls morphing around crazy backgrounds, turning into small people, entertaining bigger people with weird headgear...Incredible, but pretty hard to find. It's worth the look if your into this kinda stuff.

Runtime: 52 min
Language: French
Country: France / Poland
IMDb Link:

Director: Piotr Kamler


Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (BBC Wales, 1992-94)

An animated adaptation of twelve of Shakespeare's best-known plays. The series was produced by S4C for the BBC, but animated by some of the foremost artists of Soyuzmultfilm, the former Soviet Union's main animation studio. Each 26-minute play is directed by a different animator, in a wide variety of styles: cel animation for Macbeth, stop-motion puppets in Twelfth Night, and paint on glass for Hamlet.
Winner of 3 Emmy Awards these exceptional animated stories have been designed to introduce children and young adults to some Shakespeare's most popular works. Each play has been animated in it own unique style by the exceptional talents of the leading directors of Russia's Christmas Films. Actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company and stars of stage and screen, including Antony Sher, Joss Ackland and Jenny Agutter, provide voices for the characters which were recorded and produced by BBC Wales. In Russia, art and animation has long been used as a veiled form of satire, education and political protest. This has inspired scores of Russian animators to develop fascinating and highly individual techniques, a prolific kaleidoscope of styles from which the animation artists were chosen for these stories of Shakespeare-The Animated Tales.

12 eps 25 min | AVI, DivX, 720x576, 1200 kbps | MP3, 128 kbps | 250 MB/ep. | English


8 de maio de 2010

9, A Salvação - Shane Acker

Um filme de animação produzido por Tim Burton! Palavras para quê? É EXCEPCIONAL!!
SINOPSE: Num mundo devastado pela ganância do homem, sobraram apenas máquinas e estranhos bonecos de tecido, numerados. Um deles, 9, desperta no laboratório de seu criador e, desorientado, deixa o local. Ele encontra 2 e ambos são atacados por uma máquina, que leva 2 como prisioneiro. 9 encontra outros bonecos, que o levam para seu esconderijo. Lá ele conhece 1, líder dos bonecos, que prega que eles se devem esconder até que as máquinas deixem de funcionar. Só que 9 deseja resgatar 2 e tenta convencer outros bonecos a ajudá-lo na sua missão, na qual o medo não pode entrar!

Trailer: AQUI.

título original:9
duração:01 hs 19 min
ano de lançamento:2009
site oficial:http://9themovie.com/splash/
direcção: Shane Acker
produção:Timur Bekmambetov, Tim Burton, Dana Ginsburg, Jinko Gotoh e Jim Lemley


Download FileServe (dual áudio)


Planeta 51 - Jorge Blanco e Javier Abad

O astronauta Capitão Chuck acredita que é o primeiro homem a descobrir o distante Planeta 51, mas ao explorá-lo ele faz uma  descoberta chocante: o planeta já é habitado... e por pequenos seres verdes! 
Mal sabe Chuck que o maior medo desses seres é justamente ele - um HUMANO!!! Agora Chuck conta apenas com a ajuda de seu robô "Rover" e o seu novo amigo Lem, para escapar do terrível destino de se tornar uma peça do Museu de Alienígenas Invasores do Planeta 51. 

Título Original: Planet 51
Género: Animação
Duração: 91 Min.
Ano de Lançamento: 2009
Realização: Jorge Blanco / Javier Abad

Tamanho: 700 Mb
Formato: DVDRip
Vídeo Codec: XviD
Áudio Codec: MP3
Idioma: Inglês


Trilogia Star Wars em 2 minutos - animação LEGO!

Sempre gostei da LEGO! Não só das peças, mas também, e sobretudo, dos filmes de animação que fazem com essas peças!

Conheça a história da Trilogia Clássica de Guerra nas Estrelas em apenas dois minutos, sem precisar assistir aos três filmes da saga de George Lucas, numa divertida versão LEGO...

fonte: blogue Usuário Compulsivo

3 de maio de 2010

Waltz With Bashir - Ari Folman

Numa noite, num bar, um homem conta ao velho amigo Ari um pesadelo recorrente, no qual é perseguido por 26 cães alucinados. Toda a noite é o mesmo! Ambos concluem que o pesadelo tem a ver com a sua missão no exército israelense contra o Líbano, décadas atrás. Ari, no entanto, fica surpreso ao perceber que não consegue lembrar-se de mais nada sobre aquele período da sua vida. 
Intrigado com o enigma, Ari decide encontrar e entrevistar velhos camaradas pelo mundo, pois tem necessidade de descobrir toda a verdade sobre aquele tempo e sobre si mesmo. E, quanto mais ele se aprofunda no mistério, mais as suas lembranças se tornam aterrorizantes e surreais.



2 de maio de 2010

Litle Red Riding Hood - Tomas Nilsson

A história do Capuchinho Vermelho em versão contemporânea!

Round 6 - Snowball Studio

Uma curta cheia de acção e movimento, ao jeito dos video jogos!
Este filme foi retirado do blogue Animação Digital, onde tenho descoberto muitos e bons filmes (curtas) de cinema de animação.

Round 6 from Snowball Studios on Vimeo.

1 de maio de 2010

Mary and Max - Adam Elliot (2010)

Este filme é absolutamente FANTÁSTICO!
Aconselho VIVAMENTE a sua visualização!

Tamanho: 700 Mb
Resolução: 608x336
Frame Rate: 23.976 Fps
Formato: DVDRip
Vídeo Codec: XViD
Áudio Codec: Mp3
Idioma: Português/Inglês (dual áudio)

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0978762/

Director: Adam Elliot

Um filme do mesmo realizador do fabuloso Harvie Krumpet.
Uma história de amizade entre duas pessoas muito diferentes: Mary Dinkle, uma menina gordinha e solitária, de oito anos, que vive nos subúrbios de Melbourne, e Max Horovitz, um homem de 44 anos, obeso e judeu que vive com Síndrome de Asperger no caos de Nova York. Alcançando 20 anos e 2 continentes, a amizade de Mary e Max sobrevive muito além dos altos e baixos da vida. Mary e Max é viagem que explora a amizade, o autismo, o alcoolismo, de onde vêm os bebês, a obesidade, a cleptomania, a diferença sexual, a confiança, diferenças religiosas e muito mais.

DOWNLOAD LINK (dual áudio):

Download FileServe

- Opção 2 - 
Download Links (em inglês + legenda em português):

One Night in the City - Jan Balej

Runtime: 68 mins Language: No spoken word Country: Czech Republic IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0934870/
Director: Jan Balej

Description: A torrent of the strangest ideas gushes forth from this completely original artistic creation. Jedné noci v jednom městě is a puppet film composed of stories based an array of themes, all of them bizarre, oddly grotesque and fascinating. The film’s main players are traditional three dimensional puppets.

What kind of story would you come up with by answering the following questions: “Do you know what happens when a person stitches himself another ear? Do you know what can disrupt a flea circus? What is the point of a gamekeeper in the city and what upsets his neighbors? Can a carp befriend a tree?
If you would like at least a partial answer to these questions, have a look at this excerpt from Jedné noci v jednom městě.

Download Links:
DVD Cover (full size): http://d.imagehost.org/view/0545/jedne_noci_v_jednom_meste.jpg