1 de maio de 2010

We Are Strange - M. dot Strange

Runtime: 88 min
Language: English
Country: USA

Director: M. dot Strange

Description: Blue is a young girl navigating the streets of a terrifying, sinister fantasy world all alone. When she meets Emmm, a fellow lost soul, she joins him on a quest for some ice cream. Upon arriving, they realize the ice cream shop has been taken over by dark forces, and the whole city is teeming with evil. Bizarre monsters surround Blue and Emmm on all sides until Rain, a sadistic hero, arrives to rescue them and exterminate the source of the evil.

from IMDB user comment:
By far the weirdest movie I have ever seen. When M dot Strange was told to think outside the box, he overshot a little. He stepped out of the box, and punted it into the sea. At the screening at Sundance, M dot Strange said that he pretty much locked himself in his room with a bunch of broken toys, and nine computers. He stayed there for more than a year with only his frighteningly twisted imagination, and came out with this animation that is a mix between Stop-motion, Computer animation, 8 bit video game animation, and Japanese Anime. He calls it "Str8nime".The visuals are absolutely stunning. An electric-techno roller-coaster of a movie, with a soundtrack equally colorful. The imagination of M dot Strange is truly dark and wild. 

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