27 de julho de 2015

Astigmatismo - Nicolai Troshisky

Watch the Making Of video:


An animation short film by Nicolai Troshinsky

Music by Shogun Kunitoki
Sound design by Pierre Sauze
Character design by Gina Thorstensen
Background design by Cecilia Ramieri

Experimental animation Award – Animatou
Best Visuals – Animated Dreams
Best Debut Film - Primanima
Best technique – Animage
Most innovative animation – Giraf
Special Prize – Hiroshima Animation Festival
Special jury prize – Krok Animation Festival
Special jury prize – Malaga Spanish Film Festival
Special mention – Zagreb Animafest
Special mention - Cinanima
Special mention – Fantoche
Special mention – Interfilm Berlin
Special mention – Balkanima
Special mention – Bradford Animation Festival
Special mention – Supertoon
Special mention - Animasivo

15 de julho de 2015

Ruben Monteiro - O Meu Nome

This is my graduation project made for the Master in Animation at AKV St.Joost, in Breda, Netherlands.
During the history of my family, several challenges and unfortunate events shaped drastically the way I am, as a person. 'O Meu Nome' is a story based on those challenges and coincidences, and in particular, how I got my name.
The project was made in stop motion. I rotoscoped footage and laser-cut, frame-by-frame, silhouettes of each movement. Then, builded the scenarios and animated.