6 de maio de 2016

The Guardian - Alessandro Novelli (2015)

Annecy International Film Festival 2015 - Official Selection / Arizona Film Festival 2015 - Official Selection / CIFF 2015 - Royal Reel Award - 2015 / River Film Festival 2015 - Official Selection / SPARK Animation 2015 - Official Selection / Animac Lleida - 2016 Official Selection / Mecal 2016 Official Selection

Making-of: https://vimeo.com/138529831
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/117678482

30 de abril de 2016

Os Azeitonas - Cinegirasol

Argumento: Nuno Markl
Realização: Bruno Caetano e Rui Telmo Romão
Produção: Bruno Caetano
Direcção de fotografia: Rui Telmo Romão
Direcção de arte: Ana Bossa
Construção de Marionetas: Paula Custódio e Ricardo Mata
Construção de cenários e adereços: Ana Bossa, Ana Esteves, Paula Custódio e Ricardo Mata
Animação: Bruno Caetano e Rui Telmo Romão
Animação complementar: Ricardo Mata
Pós-produção: Luís Soares e Sara Boiça

Uma co-produção Col.A (Colectivo de Animação) e Easylab(Take it Easy Films)
Apoios: Gema Azul e Salon Alpin

24 de abril de 2016

Ralf Hildenbeutel - Disco, by Boris Seewald (2016)

A handmade music video of approx 1250 paintings on paper for DISCO by RALF HILDENBEUTEL from the longplayer MOODS and EP MOODS - RETOUCHED THEMES.

℗ 2015 Ralf Hildenbeutel

© 2016 Seewald & Hanna UG

9 de março de 2016

Trimono Amor de Mono (2015)

Humans, since you don't know how to solve your own problems, the subnormal monetes have come to deal out justice and elegance with our sexy and tropical style.
You are taking too long to buy a canoe, you will need one!!!
Date of production: 2015
Genre: Animation
Subject: Comedy
Length: 04 min 30 sec
Shooting format: Full HD (1920px x 1920 px)
Screening format: Full HD
Ratio: 16/9
Speed: 25 fps
Country: Spain
Screenplay: Paulo Mosca
Executive production: Trimono
Production director: Trimono
Art Direction:: Paulo Mosca
Color Key Artist: Alfonso Salazar
Animation: Nacho Rodriguez / Paulo Mosca
Editing: Abel Sánchez / Paulo Mosca
Desing: Abel Sánchez
Image Post-production: Abel Sánchez
Music and Sound Design: Banjo Music
Composer: Iván Llopis
Lead Soundesigner: Dani Trujillo
Sound Designers: Alberto Carlassare / Fran Paredes / Marc Solá

26 de fevereiro de 2016

The Fisherman - Luke Saunders (2016)

The story of one man and a daughter's quest to finish her father's life work. 
Created by Luke Saunders at Pixel
Music by Disasterpiece. 

Malak and the Boat - André Holzmeister (2016)

UNICEF is launching a new animated series meant to bring attention to the youngest victims of the Syrian refugee crisis, Unfairy Tales. Created by ad agency 180LA, the videos chronicle real children’s journeys from Syria by juxtaposing stunning animation with terrifying narrations of the terrible events wrought by this globally impactful humanitarian disaster.

The campaign will officially launch with the first story, Malak and the Boat, which will premiere at the Supporting Syria & The Region donor conference in London on February 4. The event is co-hosted by world leaders of the U.K., Germany, Kuwait, Norway and the United Nations. More than 70 countries, international organizations, NGOs, civil society and private sector attendees are expected.

Malak and the Boat tells seven-year-old Malak’s harrowing story of his journey across the Mediterranean seeking shelter from the Syrian conflict.