6 de junho de 2010

"Masters of Animation Vol. 4 - Japan, Computer Animation" (1986)

Masters of Animation Vol. 4 - Japan, Computer Animation (1986)
Runtime: 84 minutes
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
Color: Colour

IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0179030/

Director: John Halas

Description: A series of four programs produced and directed by John Halas. Over 10 years in the making, Masters of Animation represents the peak achievements of 7,000 artists from 13 countries. Produced and directed by John Halas, former president of the International Animated Film Association and award-winning animator, the series provides an opportunity to experience the exciting diversity of the world's leading animation artists. In addition, viewers are treated to examples of state of the art animation technology.

Volume 4: Japan, Computer Animation Parts I + II
Noted for producing most of the world's animated programs for children, Japan is also home to independent animators with widely varying styles. Works by Kinoshita, Tsukioka, Yusaki, Dawamoto, Tezuka and Kuri illustrate this diversity.

This program takes the viewer inside the studios of the Institute National de l'Audiovisuel in Paris to show how computer animation is achieved. The medium is illustrated in works by, among others, Hourcade, Borenstein, Abel, Roberts, Whitney, Demos, Csuri, Rosendahl, Halas, and Donner.

Computer animation technology is opening up new horizons in space research, medicine, the entertainment industry, architecture, advertising, and the arts. Works by such international experts as Rosendahl, Toyolinks Corporation, Sogitec Audiovisuel, Lodge-Cheesman, Nakamae and Makajima illustrate these applications.